About our company

The company FONTANA, PLC has been operating since 1991 and currently it is one of the biggest manufacturers of knives and cutting parts for agricultural machinery in Central Europe. Our products are used by satisfied customers throughout Europe, South Africa, Canada, Israel, Russia and America.

At present, our range of products consists of more than 700  types of knives and cutting parts for feed wagons, presses, harvesters, cutters, loaders, crushers, mulchers, adapters for corn harvesting, etc. However, we are constantly working on expanding the range of our products and on meeting the needs of our existing as well as our new customers.

Quality, reliability and flexibility are the basic pillars of our company. We value the trust our customers place in us and we are ready to meet their requirements.

In the course of production, latest knowledge and production procedures are applied to ensure products of high quality – materials, technological procedures, tungsten carbide layer powdering, etc.

As a part of our long-term effort to maintain first-class quality of our products, flexibility in relation to customers´requirements and progressiveness of reaserch and development capacities, we have been intensively expanding our production and investing in its modernization for several years.

Our range of products includes:

  • Knives and other cutting parts for feed wagons
  • Knives for presses and harvesters
  • Knives for straw shredders, scythes, feed wagon cutters
  • Augers for horizontal and vertical feed wagons
  • Augers for biogas plants
  • Conveyors
  • Milling cutter rollers

Our business activity includes the sale of:

  • Vertical feed wagons 1 and 2 screw PONY
  • Horizontal feed wagons 2 and 3 screw DESILMIX, CONDOR DX

In addition, we also provide refurbishment of feed and mixing wagons.

Our story

The story of FONTANA, PLC began in 1991 when the company began operating in the field of sales of agricultral machinery. Eight years later, the company expanded its portfolio on production of agricultural machinery components.

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Our team

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Modern technologies

In production, we apply the latest knowledge and production procedures to ensure high quality products. In an effort to meet customer requirements, we are constantly expanding our production and investing in its modernization.

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Since 2004, our company has ISO 9001 quality certificate.

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